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Between the desktop and the iPhone apps, I couldn’t be happier - and the improvements keep coming. This is the easiest and cleanest astrological app I’ve found to date. Highly recommend.

Best portable chart drawing app!

Longtime fan going on what, 8 years?! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for the quick fix on last two updates!

Difficult to Use

One would think that the average user of this app would want to create a natal chart as the initial activity. Good luck trying to do that. The user is initially shown two transit charts for a location in Australia. It is not clear how to get rid of them, how to create a natal chart, or how to do anything useful. The only way I could find to create a natal chart was to save one of the transit charts then edit it as a natal chart. Next, I changed the default home location in settings. Then, after far too much time and effort, I got a proper natal chart with correct transits. While this program seems to have useful capabilities, the user interface is very poorly done. It appears to have never been tested with real users prior to release. With a complete interface redesign, it might be worthy of 4 stars. As is, Time Passages Pro is a better choice.

Best iOS Astrology App for Classical Astrologers

I am referring to the astrologers who use pre-twentieth century astrological references and techniques (not that classical astrologers ignore the developments after 1900). This app provides some nice options regarding what triplicity, face and decans one wants to use (Egyptian, Ptolemy, Lilly) and uses the traditional aspects (planetary aspects as opposed to the aspects themselves). The tables of essential dignities as well as other tables are very nice. I also have the Mac OS version. Kudos to the developers!

Fast, accurate, beautiful, easy to use

This is one of the best astrology apps in the App Store, hands down.

best astrology app

this is the best astrology app you can find in the app store, I have been using it since version 1 and I'm very happy with it, one thing that I'd like to see added to it is the time-line format to visualize transits and progressions, that alone would be an outstanding feature to have, thank you.

Worth it!

I was apprehensive about making the purchase, but it has turned out to be a very good value. Astro Gold is a surprisingly comprehensive app loaded with very useful features. It takes a little time getting to know the interface and how to really get the most out of the app, but once the minor learning curve is surpassed, it becomes a very powerful tool. The interpretation text is concise but very thoughtful. In my short time with the app, there have been several updates that include expanded content - I look forward to seeing how the team will make the app better and better as time goes on!

Don't Buy Save Your $$$

This is the most obstinate to use app in the world. I totally wasted my $ by buying it. Don't waste yours❗️❗️❗️

Best App for Mac

Best astrology app for Mac. I hope they include Eris in the next version. Then it will be perfect.

Still the best!

I am writing a review to express my gratitude that this app is constantly improved. It provides great, detailed charts. The author adds new features regularly and makes this even better. Who could ask for more?

Would Not Recommend!

This app has several, major problems. First, not all the features work. Only randomly. Second, even with cryptic instructions from the app's tech person, it is difficult to figure out how to synch the Astro Gold IOS app from an iPhone to an iPad, and back! This app is not fully developed and is NOT worth the price!!

Thank you!

I'm very excited about the addition of lunar returns! This is my 'go to' astrology program. And your quick response to customer feedback is commendable. Thanks again :)

Still the Greatest! Just keeps getting better and better

Absolutely professional software. Great accuracy. Developer keeps making improvements. Could not be happier. Highly recommended! This app replaces my desktop software that cost 10 times as much.

new update has a bug on 5S

I tried to download the new update & now there is some weird dialogue about it not having an iTunes receipt. Help?

Love the ease and

It's handy to run charts on the go. However to keep logging into Apple account is a distraction.


The latest update destroyed all charts! Unbelievable!

Something missing

I like this app a lot but it does not show the planets when they are in Retrograde!! That's very important!!

Love it, but...

I love this app. I use it regularly. I am requesting the ability to create lunar and harmonic charts... I could buy a different app, but I prefer the stability of this one. Please ? :)

A great app, highly recommend

Having studied astrology now for sometime it's surprising to me that these programs do not include the south and north node of every planet. In fact, they all tell a story and are just as important as the lunar nodes!

Best of the Best, but 4 of 5.

Full screen landscape mode for the horoscope would make the app more functional. In portrait mode the app looks excellent, but flip the iPad to landscape and you get that big, cumbersome menu that won't go away. Still an excellent investment. So glad I paid $40 for this back in Q2 2012.

Location from Atlas

I can't use the location data from places stored in the atlas on charts! It's annoying having to type in a city and state every new chart

Best astrology app

I've been using this since it came out (decades long user of Solar Fire). Like that new features are added. I do love this app, but it would be even better if there was a 'Comment' field for charts like in SF. Please add.

Best astro app out there

I've tried a lot and even though it's a little pricey it's well worth it

Great app!

I use it all the time. It really is a well done app. Thank you!


Love it!


Used the app yesterday and it was fine, yet today, I cannot view anything. It just crashes.


I use this app for my daily astrological research and readings. It will do almost anything a major computer astrology program will do. The developers are working on adding more features that will take this app to a point where we would rarely need to use pc software to read charts. I would gladly buy upgrades to this app in a heartbeat if made available.

Astro Gold

This is from the makers of Solar Fire for the desktop. Remarkably full featured for the price and very easy to use. They are constantly improving it as well. If you're serious about astrology this is probably the best program out there for the also reads Solar Fire data files.

Ability to send full size 81/2x11 basic charts

People complain about the small print screens charts!!, it's going on 2 years since Astrogold's release, this is a must feature!!!

For the Professional, advanced and intermediate students

Unquestionably an outstanding tool for the serious student of astrology. What I like best is the way it lets me customize everything to my tastes. I use really tight orbs for aspects and this does just what I want.

Incredible Astrological App

If you are a Solar Fire user, you are going to love this app!! It is a powerful app that allows you to easily access a breadth of astrological data and with a user interface that is simple and straightforward. This app has been created by a company that has produced high quality astrological software for years and they have poured all their experience and expertise into this latest offering. If you are a practicing astrologer, give this app a try! You are going to love it!!

Interpretations lacking

Although this app is very thorough, it's for professionals only. The interpretations are very vague. It would be almost useless for beginners. However, if the developer would add more thorough interpretations (which should be easy) it will be perfect.

Ephemeris doesn't work right

When I go way back to see the planetary transits for the year 1200 or so and I try to go forward by a month, it by default goes back to the year 2000! So I can't go from January 1200 to February 1200. It instead goes forward all the way to Jan 2000. Please fix!

Recent Update Failure

App has been excellent. Unfortunately the most recent update causes it to crash on launch on iPad iOS 5. Hopefully a fix will be issued very soon.


A good app except that it consistently crashes when scrolling through the transit list. This needs to be fixed.


Would love better, longer interpretations including for the nodes, asteroids, etc.

Reports Have Strange Symbols

When pulling a report, the planets symbols are replaced with other strange symbols and numbers. Otherwise, the app is great and an excellent backup to the full-length computer program.


This app is worth every penny! I absolutely love how convenient it is to cast charts and check current transits. I'm pretty sure I use it every day! Everything I've ever wanted in an astrology app.


Great app and great customer support

It's back!

Thank you for the quick fix of the bug in 3.2.4. V3.2.5 looks great. Very, very nice app!

Please update

I love this app I use it everyday, I just updated it today and it crashes when I hit view. Please fix soon.

stay away from v3.2.4

It does not work!!!! I made the mistake of upgrading to this version on both iPad and iPhone 5S. On my iPhone, it exits every time I try to view a chart. I cannot even open Astro Gold on my iPad.

Phillip G Beith

A fantastic App. An astrologers dream. Calculates Natal, transits and progressions. Includes ephemeris, atlas and reports. Who would have thought,10 years ago, that you could have carried a pocket chart maker.

Please fix this

I like the app and I have it on both my iPhone 5 and my iPad and use it regularly and up until recently I haven't had any problems with it but now I noticed that the exact same chart on Both devises had differences but still had the exact information. It will get a 5 star rate when this is fixed because its a great app

Perfect for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

As a professional astrologer, I find AstroGold the ideal tool for chart analysis, especially when traveling, or wanting quick feedback for a client. The GUI is well done, chart creation is very fast on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, report writer is very helpful, and developers are very responsive to queries, as well as continuing to improve the app.

a small bug

Hi Astro gold. I just bought your app. It's the neatest and most user friendly atrology app I ever used. And I spotted a small bug while using it. The Exchange Chart button between chart1 and chart2 was clickable when I was in single chart mode. And when I clicked it, the app just crushed. And it sometimes is just clickable in the single chart mode. It will be perfect it you could fix it soon or in your next build. Thank you.

Excellent, 1st class astrology software!

This is the real deal. Simple to use, great set of features, including secondary progressions, and composite charts. I love the fact that you can fine tune a chart or advance transit charts by increments; minutes, hours, days, weeks. Great set of basic interpretations also.

I hate this app

Normally I'd only give a one star rating to an app that didn't work. This one does, but I feel so ripped off for $30. If you're a beginning astrologer and need a simple chart with interpretations, this one does that, but so do a bunch of FREE or inexpensive apps. If you're an advanced astrologer and want Arabic parts, antiscia, dignities, fixed stars, asteroids, or any user-defined points, this app will NOT do those! However, several free or inexpensive apps will do them. So I just spent $30 for a very pretty chart...which is the one thing this app does well. I'm sorry that I wasted my money on this, and I hope that you won't.

love it

I love this app, it was worth EVERY PENNY. It's perfect for any consulting astrologer on the go. The comprehensiveness is impressive, and the level of customization is really really excellent. The interps are great, too. I wish it were possible to export the interpretive reports and/or print them, that is the only drawback. I would gladly pay a licensing fee to have this capability. Otherwise, love love love it.

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