Astro Gold App Reviews

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This App is a Dream

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This App, Look, Feel and Operation is amazing. I am new to astrology and since i am using medieval astrology there arent many Tools to Chose. I am glad I bought it.

Truly outstanding!!

Ive downloaded several astrologers apps, and this is by far the best. visually it is beautiful. so great for pulling up charts on the go. easy to use, its everything you want in an app for the pro or student astrologer. thank you!

Worth the price!

This is by far the most expensive app I have bought. Before buying, I questioned whether it was wort the price but after using it for close to 3 weeks I have to say its totally worth it. First, I am not a professional astrologer. Ive only been studying astrology for 3 years so I consider myself a novice. But this app does everything I need + a bunch of stuff that I dont need (yet). User interface is amazing and very simple to use. You can store hundreds of charts and access them very easily. I learn through example so I have about 80 charts of friends and family stored and its very straight forward to pull them up and even do comparisons, composites and analyze transits. Transits are beautifully done and the new button that allows you to easily move forward and backwards in time that was added in the last update is absolutely genius! One thing missing which I plan to email the app developers about is an export button. Yes you can export charts to their desktop software, but I would like to be able to email charts, composites and comparisons to myself with the push of a button. Similar to the way I can email myself any web page from safari. PLEASE add this to the next version. Other than that one little thing, this app is totally worth the price! Even my aunt whos been doing astrology for 40 years and who got me into it fell in love with this app and now wants to buy an iPad just because of Astro Gold. Great job guys! Im looking forward to the next update. And please add the export button :)

Great app but no Mars chart interpretations!

Love this app and really excited about the new features. So far it can do so much more than any I have seen but there is still some work needed on the interpretations. The transits are visible on the chart and the grid but no matching interpretations appear for transiting Mars.

Love it

Easy for someone new to this. They need to fix crashing when editing displayed chart points.

Wheres the chart interpretation?

Updated to the latest version and now... it CRASHES!!! Will not generate chart or reports just crashes back to the home screen! I have iphone 4 with IOS 7.0.2. Please fix this!

Problem with latest version

Today, quite suddenly, Astro Gold does not work. It seems that my iPad was updated today without any notification to me. I only discovered that by looking at the version history in the App Store. So, I dont know whether the problem is with Astro Gold, or with the update process. Since I dont know which other apps may have been updated today, I cant check them. I was kinda counting on having the app. Strange that it stops working on a mercury Saturn conjunction. Please fix this and let me use my favorite Astro app again. Regards, Murray

$40 and not able to print

This is a rip off, save your money, get an app that you can email and print.

The Best

Im so glad I can download this, since the companys full line of products arent made available for Mac users (please change this!). Its very comprehensive -- I just wish they had explanations in synastry for the more prominent asteroids. Also, a draconic option for charts would be great too. All in all though, I cant live without this thing.


This app is the best one out there. Ive used it constantly for years. The one thing I would like to see added is a list of solar and lunar eclipses by date, sign, and degree.



Antony Smol

Please add Proserpina and Vakshya ! Thank you.

Still the best!

I am writing a review to express my gratitude that this app is constantly improved. It provides great, detailed charts. The author adds new features regularly and makes this even better. Who could ask for more?

Best App for Mac

Best astrology app for Mac. I hope they include Eris in the next version. Then it will be perfect.

Dont Buy Save Your $$$

This is the most obstinate to use app in the world. I totally wasted my $ by buying it. Dont waste yours❗️❗️❗️

best there is

Been using Astro Gold for years, solid astrology tool on the iOS platform – astrologer with over 20 years, highly recommended. Highly configurable. Among the most used apps every day.

Worth it!

I was apprehensive about making the purchase, but it has turned out to be a very good value. Astro Gold is a surprisingly comprehensive app loaded with very useful features. It takes a little time getting to know the interface and how to really get the most out of the app, but once the minor learning curve is surpassed, it becomes a very powerful tool. The interpretation text is concise but very thoughtful. In my short time with the app, there have been several updates that include expanded content - I look forward to seeing how the team will make the app better and better as time goes on!

incredible addition

interpretations were a missing feature, now this app has become a fully featured astrology app, thank you very much !

Good start!

Please add a 90 degree dial option! A little clumsy to use - interface could be enhanced but overall it is nice to be able to review solar fire charts with the iPad.

No Time Map?

Pretty good alternative to Solar Fire, and a little tricky to get used to using if youre really used to the full PC version. My biggest complaint is that my favorite SF feature, the Time Map (where you can see the exact beginning and end of a transit) is nowhere to be found - Im hoping that a future version of the app will include it.

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